Hydrema Defence's CSR Policy

At Hydrema Defence, we specialize in developing and delivering advanced defence solutions that cater to the modern needs of global armed forces. With a legacy built on innovation, quality, and reliability, we are committed to enhancing the capabilities and safety of military personnel through our comprehensive range of products and services.

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Veterans & Military Service Members Policy

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As a company with ties to the military industry, Hydrema has chosen to take part in helping Veterans & Military Service Members by employing a number of these people in different and important jobs throughout the company.

Veterans & military service members employed at Hydrema in Støvring, plays a significant role in the construction and manufacturing of military vehicles, as they contribute with knowledge and experience, that helps Hydrema delivering the right products.

Joint Effort

In a joint effort with local military veteran centres and nearby municipalities, Hydrema takes pride in helping people into jobs where they can thrive and be successful while using their skill set in important jobs.

Part of the Hydrema family

Veterans & military service members at Hydrema are part of a natural work environment, where they work side-by-side with former military service members, veterans and non-veterans, which all together creates a healthy work environment for all parties.

At Hydrema, we allow our employees to be who they are, and we do as much as we can to support them, both on and off work. We try our best to create the best possible work environment and include all our employees in social activities, so no one feels left behind.

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