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Mine Clearing Vehicle


  • Clears up to 10 kg TNT
  • Windows and cabin are armoured to 7.62 AP fi re
  • Surface-clears roads, runways and other hard surface areas
  • Two identical engines which can replace each other
  • Flail and shield always follow the ground contour
  • Front and rear wheels run in the same tracks

Hydrema 910MCV: A Revolutionary Force in Mine Clearing

Meet the Hydrema 910MCV, an 18-ton powerhouse of mine-clearing innovation. Built for the formidable task of neutralizing both Anti-Tank (AT) and Anti-Personnel (AP) mines with explosives up to 10 kg, the 910MCV stands as a vanguard in the field of demining operations.

This 'mine munching monster' is armed with a robust flail unit, equipped with 72 rotating chains and an armored deflector shield, offering unparalleled protection against blasts and fragments. The operator remains secure within an armored cabin, capable of withstanding 7.62 x 51 mm AP fire.

The Ultimate Blend of Strength, Intelligence, and Agility

The 910MCV is more than just tough; it's smart and versatile. It boasts two identical 180hp diesel engines, enhancing its mine-clearing abilities and ensuring safe exit even if one engine fails. Pivot steering and the unique Hydrema "YAW" system ensure that every inch of the path is cleared effectively, even with lost chains.

Designed for rapid deployment, the 910MCV can be transported by rail, loader vehicle, or airlifted in a Hercules C130, and is self-transportable on roads at speeds up to 42 km/h. With its capability to swiftly convert from transport to clearing mode in less than two minutes, this vehicle minimizes operator exposure and maximizes efficiency in demining operations.

The 910MCV combines brute force, precision technology, and operator safety, making it one of the most advanced and efficient mine-clearing vehicles on the market. Join us in unveiling the future of mine-clearing operations with the Hydrema 910MCV.


The articulated chassis of the 910MCV, split into a front and rear section, is connected at a pivotal point and reinforced with a pendulum bar and hydraulic stabilizers. Featuring integrated dual fuel tanks of 150 liters each in the front, and twin tanks in the rear for high-pressure cleaning fluids, each with 100 liters capacity, it's built for endurance. The chassis, made from high tensile steel, offers maximum protection, ensuring durability and safety in challenging environments.

High-pressure cleaner

Step into the world of advanced cleaning technology with the Hydrema 910MCV Mine Clearing Vehicle. Conveniently housed in a box on the right side of the rear chassis, the high-pressure cleaner is a marvel of efficiency. It is supported by dual tanks for cleaning fluid, ingeniously integrated into the rear chassis with a generous total capacity of 200 liters.


The cabin is manufactured as a one-piece-welded construction in armoured steel plates and with electrically heated windows of armoured glass. Thus, the self-supporting cabin is designed to be effective against calibre 7.62 mm x 51 AP according to DIN 52290-2 class 5. Air condition and two fully adjustable seats are standard. The operator’s seat is fitted with heating and with adjustable armrests with joysticks.

Sound level

During the intensity of road transport, the cabin maintains a low noise level of just 82 dB (A). And when undertaking the crucial task of mine clearing, the sound level inside the cabin remains impressively subdued at 81 dB (A).


The Hydrema 910MCV excels with twin 6-cylinder, high-powered diesel engines – each boasting a Perkins 1006-6TW, 6 liters with intercooler and turbo, offering 136 kW/185 hp at 2600 rpm, and max torque of 605 Nm at 1650 rpm. Positioned on both front and rear chassis, these engines come with separate cooling, exhaust, and advanced dust-resistant air filter systems. Experience a new level of power and efficiency with a combined fuel capacity of 150 liters, designed for low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. The Hydrema 910MCV is your robust solution for challenging mine-clearing operations.

Power shift transmission

The Hydrema 910MCV Mine Clearing Vehicle is equipped with the ZF ERGO POWER 6WG160, a 6-speed, fully automatic “ERGO-POWER” Soft-Shift transmission. This system is a marvel of technology with 100% intelligent electronic control, ensuring ultra-smooth gear transitions without any loss of traction. Enjoy the flexibility of both manual and automatic electronic gearshift controls.

Featuring 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, the 910MCV adapts effortlessly to your needs. Whether it's road transport at speeds up to 42 km/h or mine-clearing operations at a controlled pace of up to 12 km/h on hard surfaces, this vehicle is ready for the challenge. Plus, with permanent 4-wheel drive, you can count on consistent, reliable performance in any situation.

Hydrostatic transmission

Hydrema 910MCV Mine Clearing Vehicle is equipped with a state-of-the-art hydrostatic drive unit. This feature is ingeniously designed for critical mine-clearing tasks, allowing for ultra-precise, low-speed maneuvers, and providing a reliable option for emergency transportation.

Navigate through challenging terrains at speeds of 0-1.4 km/h, perfect for intricate mine-clearing operations. In the event of a power shift transmission failure, this hydrostatic drive ensures uninterrupted progress. Control speed effortlessly with a dedicated joystick, and engage or disengage the transmission seamlessly from inside the cabin using an electro-hydraulic switch system. The 910MCV is crafted to give you ultimate control and reliability, ensuring success in even the most demanding situations.


The Hydrema 910MCV is equipped with robust, rigid axles, specially designed for earthmoving in rough terrain. Featuring hub reduction and maintenance-free, oil-immersed disc brakes, plus a limited-slip differential on the front axle, this vehicle ensures optimal durability and traction in challenging environments. Built tough, the 910MCV's axle design guarantees steadfast performance where it matters most.


The Hydrema 910MCV features a highly efficient, hydraulically activated dual-circuit braking system, using standard hydraulic oil for optimal reliability. Designed to remain fully functional even in emergencies with one engine, it ensures consistent safety. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with an electro-hydraulically activated, fail-safe disc parking brake, adding an extra layer of security to your operations.


The Hydrema 910MCV enhances your control with its hydrostatic pivot steering and emergency steering feature for uninterrupted operation. Joystick control for reverse mine-clearing and a ±35° steering angle coupled with a ±11° pendulum angle ensure agile and precise navigation in all situations.

Turning radius

Explore the impressive turning capabilities of the Hydrema 910MCV, designed for versatility and precision. In transport mode, it boasts a nimble turning radius of just 8100 mm. Switch to clearing mode, and you still enjoy remarkable maneuverability with a turning radius of 9200 mm. And for auto clearing mode, it expands its reach to 18000 mm, ensuring comprehensive coverage and flexibility. The 910MCV is engineered to navigate through diverse operational scenarios with ease, making every turn effortless.

Hydraulic system

Delve into the world of high-performance with the Hydrema 910MCV, featuring two separate hydraulic piston pumps, one on the Drive Engine and one double pump on the Power Pack Engine.. This setup ensures flawless operation and maximum efficiency for every task:

  • Pump 1: Mounted on Drive Engine, variable pump 160 l/min at 2200rpm. Supply for the right side flail motor.
  • Pump 2: Mounted on Power Pack engine, variable pump 160 l/min at 2200rpm. Supply for the left side flail motor.
  • Pump 3: Mounted on Power Pack engine, variable pump 160 l/min at 2200rpm. Supply for the hydrostatic drive, joystick steering, winch/hydraulic option, deflector, flail assembly, flail arm, swivel, high-pressure cleaner/ emergency brakes.
  • Pump 4: Mounted on Drive Engine, dual gear pump 2x41 l/min at 2200 rpm. Supply for steering, brakes and fan.
  • Pump 5: Mounted on Power Pack, gear pump 28 l/min. Fan supply.

Electric system

The Hydrema 910MCV is equipped with a dual 24 V electrical system, tailored for both the Drive Engine and the Power Pack engine, and includes separate NATO slave kits for each. Its robust design features mechanically protected external cables and cabin-mounted fuse boxes. Road-ready with essential lamps and signaling devices, it boasts two 12V, 72 Ah batteries, and powerful alternators (100 A for Drive Engine, 55 A for Power Pack), ensuring reliable and efficient power supply for every operation.


As standard, the 910MCV comes equipped with robust EM 17.5R25 foam-filled tyres, designed for resilience and stability. For those seeking an alternative, the 620/55 26.5 twin foam-filled tyres offer an optional upgrade, enhancing versatility. Both tyre types, non-directional or twin, ensure reduced ground pressure and even weight distribution, making the 910MCV adept at traversing diverse terrains with ease and reliability.


The Hydrema 910MCV boasts a high-powered flail unit, driven by two diesel engines and hydraulic motors for variable speeds (0-440 rpm free running, 350-390 rpm clearing). With a 2.20 m diameter, 72 hammers (900-1100 gram each), and two hammer types for different terrains, it offers a broad 3.50 m clearing width, making it incredibly efficient in mine-clearing operations.

Flail and shield

The Hydrema 910MCV features an advanced flail and an armored deflector shield plate for superior blast and fragment protection. Easily adjust their levels independently with hydraulic cylinders, either manually or automatically. Swift stowing is a breeze, controlled from the cabin using joysticks, requiring no tools for added convenience and safety.


Unleash the strength of the Hydrema 910MCV with its robust, hydraulically driven and electro-hydraulically operated winch. This winch boasts an impressive maximum tractive effort of 7200 kg at inner wire winding, coupled with an ample wire length of approximately 28 meters. Whether pulling, hauling, or performing intricate mine-clearing tasks, the 910MCV's winch is engineered to handle demanding challenges with ease and efficiency.


Weight with foam-filled EM tyres  kg 18300
Weight with foam-filled twin tyres  kg 18560
Front axle load (transport), EM tyres kg 8700
Rear axle load (transport), EM tyres kg 9300
Track, EM tyres mm 1960
Track, Twin tyres mm 2050
Width with EM tyres mm 2420
Width with twin tyres mm 2640
Ground clearance mm 430
Width, (transport position) mm 2785
Width, (mine-clearing position) mm 4830
Width, (deflector shield)  mm 3500
Total height (transport position) mm 2700
Total height (clearing position)  mm 2510
Overhang, rear (transport position) mm 2710
Wheel base   mm 3860
Length, (transport position) mm 9175
Length, (clearing position) mm 9950
Approach angle ° 23
Departure angle ° 50

Hydrema 910MCV: A Legacy of Mine-Clearing Excellence with Modern Innovation

Rooted in a World War II concept, the Hydrema 910MCV elevates traditional mine-clearing methods with cutting-edge technology, making it one of today's most advanced and reliable vehicles in its class.

The 910MCV features a durable flail unit and deflector shield on the rear chassis, with an operator's cabin on the front, all linked by pivot steering for maneuverability. In operation, the 910MCV, with its flail leading, moves in reverse, effectively clearing mines with 72 chain-attached hammers that rotate up to 440 rpm, covering a 3.5 m path.

Designed for robustness, the 910MCV can handle up to 10 kg of TNT, clearing both AP and AT mines on or below the surface. Operators can control the depth of operation, up to 40 cm in sandy soils, directly from the cabin. Its versatility extends to clearing hard surfaces like roads and airstrips with minimal damage, showcasing its flexibility and effectiveness in diverse conditions.

2Oct04 0051
Hydrema Lines Dark Green


The Hydrema 910MCV Mine Clearing Vehicle, engineered for military efficiency, stands out with its robust flail unit and armored deflector shield, delivering unmatched power and precision in mine-clearing operations. Its innovative design allows for an extensive clearing path, adapting to challenging terrains and ensuring thorough, efficient clearance.

Equipped with two powerful diesel engines, the 910MCV excels in both clearing and transportation modes. Its capability to swiftly transition between modes, coupled with pivot steering and Hydrema's unique “YAW” control system, ensures effective clearing without missing any ground, even in the most demanding military settings.

Constructed from high tensile steel with an armored cabin, the 910MCV ensures maximum protection against blasts and debris. The cabin, designed for comfort and safety, allows operators to control the vehicle and flail unit with precision, enhancing safety and reducing fatigue.

The 910MCV's combination of powerful engines, versatile design, and protective features makes it a leading choice for military mine-clearing tasks. With its ability to handle terrains of various complexities and its efficient mine-clearing capabilities, the Hydrema 910MCV is a vital asset in ensuring safe and secure environments in military operations.

910MCV for Enhanced Mine-Clearing


Advanced Dual-Engine Design

The Hydrema 910MCV boasts two identical diesel engines: the Drive Engine at the front for transportation and additional flail power, and the rear-mounted Power Pack engine equipped with hydraulic pumps for the flail and control functions, including the hydrostatic drive. In the 910MCV, both engines collaboratively power the flail, significantly boosting its clearing efficiency. For added safety, these engines can interchange roles, allowing emergency operation and safe exit from minefields, even if one engine fails. Each engine compartment also includes a fire extinguishing system, controllable from the cabin, ensuring maximum safety during operations.

Pivot steering

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

The Hydrema 910MCV features a strategically placed pivot joint between its axles, ensuring the wheels follow the same track for reduced ground damage and safer passage. This design means any missed mines will be detonated by the front wheels, farthest from the cabin. The pivot steering, integrated with Hydrema's anti-roll system, enhances vehicle stability on rough terrains and slopes. Additionally, the series 2 machines boast a unique “YAW control,” preventing uncut areas in the clearing path and ensuring thorough clearing, even if chains are lost.

Compact Yet Mighty

The Hydrema 910MCV's Versatility and Mobility

The Hydrema 910MCV strikes a perfect balance between capability and portability. It efficiently clears mines up to 10kg TNT over a 3.5-metre path, yet remains compact enough for railway transport and even fits in a Hercules C130. With a maximum axle load of 10 tons, it matches the road and bridge access of regular trucks, reaching speeds up to 42 km/h. Equipped with constant 4WD and a winch, the 910MCV effortlessly tackles tough terrain and challenging conditions, ensuring high mobility and easy deployment worldwide.

Hydrema 910MCV: Revolutionizing Mine-Clearing Operations with Agility and Power

Ready for Action

Efficiency and Portability Combined in the Hydrema 910MCV

Experience the perfect blend of speed and compactness with the Hydrema 910MCV. Its innovative tilt/turn system transforms the vehicle for transportation, condensing the entire mine-clearing unit to less than 2.8 meters wide. But the real magic happens on site: with just a simple activation of the hydraulic tilt/turn system from the cabin, the 910MCV prepares for action in under two minutes – no tools required. In mine-clearing mode, it carves out a 3.5-meter wide path, spacious enough for an armored personnel carrier.

Unique in its class, the 910MCV seamlessly transitions from public road travel to mine-clearing, reducing setup time dramatically. This means operators spend more time safely inside the cabin, actively clearing mines. Embrace the efficiency and versatility of the 910MCV, where swift deployment meets unparalleled clearing capability.


Prioritizing Safety with Advanced Design and Features

Safety is paramount in the Hydrema 910MCV. Its front and rear chassis are constructed from high tensile steel for utmost protection. The armored cabin shields against 7.62 x 51 mm AP firing and mine fragments, complemented by a blast deflection plate underneath for additional safety in explosions. The armoured deflector shield between the flail unit and vehicle body protects against blast pressure and fragments, adapting to ground contours to prevent mines from slipping underneath. The articulated chassis design ensures consistent ground contact for safer clearing.

For enhanced operator support, the 910MCV includes a computer system for electronic supervision and control, offering automatic driving mode with terrain-adjusted automatic depth control. This system is designed for user-friendliness, facilitating adjustment and monitoring. These safety features, combined with a comfortable cabin, ensure optimal working conditions, minimizing the risk of errors even during extended operations.


Efficient and Comfortable Operations

The Hydrema 910MCV, designed for single-driver operation, features a spacious cabin that accommodates an operator, a commander, and an instructor, along with extra equipment space. The versatile seats can be oriented forward or backward to suit the operation direction.

Equipped with computer-controlled systems, the cabin enables monitoring of engines and the flail, as well as vehicle control during driving and mine-clearing. Joystick controls, integrated into the operator’s seat armrests, manage essential flail functions ergonomically. Heated windows ensure clear visibility in all conditions, and the cabin is outfitted with both a fresh air heating system and air conditioning, ensuring comfort in any weather.

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