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Mine Clearing

Explore our range of mine clearing vehicles, engineered for the utmost safety and effectiveness in demining. Discover advanced, reliable solutions for clearing both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in various environments.

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Mine Clearing Vehicle

  • Clears up to 10 kg TNT
  • Windows and cabin are armoured to 7.62 AP fi re
  • Surface-clears roads, runways and other hard surface areas

Mine Clearing Vehicles: Advanced Technology for Safe and Effective Demining Operations

Hydrema Defence's range of mine clearing vehicles is specifically engineered to perform in the most challenging and hazardous environments. Designed with a focus on military demining operations, these vehicles are also highly effective in humanitarian mine clearance efforts. Their robust construction and advanced mine-clearing technologies make them indispensable for ensuring safe environments in areas affected by landmines.

Sophisticated Systems for Enhanced Clearance Capabilities

Our mine clearing vehicles are equipped with specialized features that distinguish them in this critical field. They include advanced flail systems to detonate or neutralize mines safely, protecting operators and surrounding areas. With high-powered engines, these vehicles provide the necessary force to drive flail systems, ensuring effective clearance of both anti-personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) mines. The precision and power of our vehicles enable them to clear large areas quickly and safely, making them vital in post-conflict and peacekeeping missions.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Mine-Clearing Challenges

We understand that mine-clearing requirements can vary greatly depending on the operation. Therefore, our vehicles are customizable to meet specific mission needs. Options include varying flail designs for different mine types, additional armor for enhanced operator protection, and modifications for operation in unique environments, ensuring that our vehicles are ready for any mine-clearing challenge.

Reliable and Mission-Critical Equipment

Hydrema Defence mine clearing vehicles are more than just machinery; they are dependable partners in the field. Designed for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance, our vehicles ensure operational readiness at all times. Built for resilience and long-term reliability, they represent a vital investment in making affected areas safe for civilians and military personnel alike.

Discover our range of mine clearing vehicles and understand how Hydrema Defence's dedication to innovation, safety, and reliability results in equipment that not only meets but exceeds the demands of mine clearance operations, playing a crucial role in both military and humanitarian efforts.


The Hydrema 910MCV is a standout in mine clearing operations. Designed for both anti-personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) mines, it features a robust flail system capable of detonating or neutralizing mines safely. With a dual-engine setup, it provides reliability and power, ensuring effective mine clearance while maintaining operator safety. The 910MCV’s advanced technology, including its precision controls and armored protection, makes it an invaluable asset in demining missions in various terrains.

Backhoe Loaders

Hydrema Defence's backhoe loaders are versatile tools for military and construction tasks. Known for their durability and efficiency, they are well-suited for excavation, material handling, and logistical support. With their combination of power and precision, these backhoe loaders are essential for a range of operations, offering customizability for specific mission needs.

Wheeled Excavators

Our wheeled excavators bring mobility and versatility to challenging environments. Designed for power and precision, they are ideal for military engineering and construction tasks, from trench digging to complex material handling. With their advanced hydraulic systems and high-precision controls, these excavators ensure optimal performance in diverse operations.

Dump Trucks

The dump trucks in our fleet are engineered to perform in the most demanding conditions. Ideal for transporting materials over rough terrains, they are essential for military logistics and construction projects. With powerful engines, advanced suspension systems, and high maneuverability, these dumpers ensure efficient and reliable performance in critical missions.

Explore our range of mine clearing vehicles, backhoe loaders, wheeled excavators, and dump trucks to see how Hydrema Defence combines quality, innovation, and resilience to provide high-performance machinery for military and construction needs.