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Hydrema: Pioneering Excellence in Construction and Defence since 1959

The story of Hydrema began in 1959 in Aalborg, Denmark, where a vision for innovative hydraulic construction machinery took root. Founded by the local engineer Kjeld Werner Jensen, Hydrema – derived from 'Hydrauliske Entreprenør Maskiner' (Hydraulic Construction Machines) – started its journey in a small workshop. Today, it stands as a global leader in the construction equipment industry, renowned for its high-quality, mid-size machines.

Hydrema's evolution is a story of innovation, quality, and resilience. From the groundbreaking "The Phantom," which set new benchmarks in hydraulic machinery, to today's advanced equipment, each milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. The 1960s saw our expansion to Støvring, marking the beginning of significant developments like the iconic 800 series in the 1980s – a revolutionary combination of a wheel loader and an excavator.

As Hydrema grew globally, establishing subsidiaries in strategic markets, we also built a reputation for reliability and innovation. Our venture into the defence sector in the late 1980s marked a significant turning point. This period saw the inception of Hydrema Defence in 1986, following the British military's purchase of 350 backhoe loaders, which laid the foundation for a strong relationship with the defence industry.

Under the visionary leadership of Jan Werner Jensen, Hydrema has maintained its heritage while continuously adapting to new challenges and exploring opportunities. Hydrema Defence, a critical part of this legacy, stands today as a testament to our adaptability and engineering prowess, specializing in the production of specialized demining vehicles and other military equipment.

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Hydrema Defence's History

Hydrema Defence belongs to A/S Hydrema Export, a company under Hydrema Holding ApS. It is the company's military division and located at the company headquarter in Støvring near Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark.

The division handles all sales, productions and services to the military industry both as a subcontractor, such as the final assembly, delivery of vehicles and other specialised products ordered by the industry.

For more than 30 years, Hydrema has delivered equipment to the military industry. It all began in 1986 when the British military purchased 350 backhoe loaders, and we have since then built a close relationship with the industry.

In the mid-’90s, the Danish Defence contacted Hydrema, due to challenges finding the right equipment for clearing of minefields. They asked Hydrema to develop a machine for the Danish Defence, capable of solving the various tasks needed. Right away, we began development of a possible solution, that would meet the expected requirements.

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The request from the Danish Defence resulted in the development of the Hydrema 910MCV (Mine-Clearing Vehicle). It showcased that despite lacking experience with developing military vehicles, Hydrema had the capabilities to develop advanced equipment suited for the industry. It also marked the beginning of Hydremas engagement with the military industry, as more than a manufacturer of earth-moving equipment.

Today Hydrema is still mainly a manufacturer of earth-moving equipment, but our military division has steadily become a more significant part of the company's business model, as we have managed to secure long term contracts and agreements within the industry.

Among other things, Hydrema Defence offers a variety of services and product solutions, such as ILS (Integrated Logistics Support), repair & maintenance services, vehicle upgrading, final assembly as a subcontractor and products like the Hydrema 910MCV and our various models of earthmoving equipment.

Regarding the future and in line with the constant development in the military industry, where new technology emerges regularly, machines and equipment often are replaced, Hydrema Defence is prepared to continue to deliver solutions and assist clients and partners with the best possible products.

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