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Maintenance and logistics support

Hydrema Defence offers comprehensive solutions for the maintenance and modernization of military platforms and equipment of the Armed Forces, to optimize and extend their life cycle, both in the systems already in service and future acquisitions. We specialize in enhancing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of a wide range of military assets, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of technology and performance.

Our approach is tailored to the unique requirements of each military platform, whether it involves upgrading older models or integrating advanced technologies into new acquisitions. Our focus is not only on maintaining current capabilities but also on preparing these systems for future challenges and advancements in military technology.

By choosing Hydrema Defence, you gain a reliable partner committed to maintaining and enhancing your military assets, ensuring they are always ready for the demands of modern warfare and operational readiness.


Advanced production facilities

The capabilities of Hydrema Defence and our commitment to cooperate with other leading companies, to cover extensive programs are the base that supports the provision of our offer, for maintenance and modernisation of platforms.

Hydrema Defence also holds certification for ISO-9001:2015, which certifies and ensure the implementation of our services according to strict controls within the military production areas.

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ILS training programs

Our military production facilities are advanced, equipped with new technologies and capabilities, and is supported by a testing area exclusively for military services.  

Together with our maintenance service and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for armoured vehicles, we have the necessary expertise, manufacturing capabilities and technologies to offer a reliable, on-time delivery at the required cost.

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Logistics system

In connection with the ILS, we offer comprehensive training programs, that cover all tasks related to training, repair and maintenance.

These programs contain both preventive and corrective maintenance that ensures the distribution of spare parts, tools and specific logistic technology systems, as well as the necessary coordination for all these aspects. In this way, the system can be accessible and operational as long as possible by maintaining and implementing its performance through its useful life.

Experience from 1st to 5th Echelon

Hydrema Defence’s experience in comprehensive maintenance programs from 1st to the 5th Echelon, modernization of land platforms, armoured and unarmored, design, engineering and integration of systems and subsystems, has resulted in increasing and improving the performance and protection of vehicles.

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