Hydrema Export A/S participate in FMI Industridag / DALO Industry Days 2022

DALO INDUSTRY DAYS will take place in Ballerup Super Arena in the period of 24-25 AUG 2022.

Dalo Industry Days V2 2022 2022 Artikel

The DALO Industry Days take place in Ballerup, Denmark.

The first DALO Industry Day was held in 2012 and the event has evolved ever since. The number of attendees and exhibitors have increased year after year, and 2022 is the first year for the event to stretch over two days.

The DALO Industry Days is the place to be for land, maritime, air, space, IT defence and security industry and for industries with products of interest for the Defence. It is a way for DALO and the Danish Defence to gather information on current and upcoming products in all domains.

You can learn more about the event in the link below:


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