Empowering Defence with Innovation and Precision

Hydrema Defence, where engineering excellence meets military precision. We specialize in crafting specialized, robust machinery tailored for the demanding needs of the military sector. With over three decades of dedicated service, we continue to push boundaries, embrace new challenges, and secure a safer future with every machine we craft.

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Innovation at the Forefront of Military Engineering

Hydrema Defence, a distinguished division of the Hydrema Group, stands at the forefront of military engineering and defense technology. With over 30 years of specialized experience, we are committed to providing robust and innovative solutions to the defence sector.

Located in Støvring, Denmark, our facility is the epicenter of our operations, where we design, develop, and deliver a range of specialized military equipment. Our flagship creation, the Hydrema 910MCV Mine-Clearing Vehicle, exemplifies our commitment to safety, efficiency, and technical excellence. Beyond manufacturing, we offer comprehensive support services, including maintenance, training, and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), ensuring our partners' enduring success in their missions.

At Hydrema Defence, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and innovate, continually pushing the boundaries of military technology to create solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Join us in our mission to redefine the landscape of defense engineering, where every challenge is an opportunity for innovation.

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Tracing Our Roots: The History of Hydrema Defence

Hydrema Defence has a rich history of excellence and innovation in the military sector, dating back over three decades. Our story began in 1986, marking our entry into the defense industry with a significant contract from the British military for 350 backhoe loaders. This landmark deal laid the foundation for our longstanding relationship with military clients worldwide.

In the mid-1990s, a pivotal moment came when the Danish Defence approached us with a unique challenge: to develop a machine capable of efficiently clearing minefields. Rising to the occasion, we successfully created the Hydrema 910MCV (Mine-Clearing Vehicle), a testament to our adaptability and engineering prowess. This achievement not only solved a critical problem but also set us on a path of specialized military equipment development.

Since then, Hydrema Defence has grown from being primarily a manufacturer of earth-moving equipment to a key player in the defense sector. Our continuous engagement with military clients and dedication to innovation have solidified our reputation as a trusted provider of specialized military machinery and comprehensive support services.


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