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Backhoe Loader


  • Can be customised with armour cab and to requirements
  • Up to 280° working range
  • Articulated steering for superior off-road capabilities
  • Powerful Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine
  • Outstanding visibility from the cab

Hydrema 906G for Defence

Discover the Hydrema 906G – the embodiment of versatility and robustness, now tailored for military applications. Building on the strong foundation of our standard 906G model, renowned in the construction industry for its reliability and efficiency, Hydrema Defence brings you a machine that seamlessly transitions into the demanding realm of military use. Recognizing the unique demands of military operations, the 906G can be customized to suit specific needs. 

Engineered for Power and Efficiency in Defense Operations

At the heart of the Hydrema 906G, tailored for defense applications, lies the formidable Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine. This engine represents a synergy of advanced technology and robust performance, crucial for military operations. Its 4.5-litre, 16-valve Common-Rail turbodiesel engine, equipped with an electronic variable turbocharger, is meticulously optimized for hard, efficient work. The engine's eco-friendly design includes a DOC, DPF, and SCR catalyst with AdBlue addition, allowing it to run on biodiesel (HVO) for sustainable operations.

Complementing the engine's prowess is the 906G's transmission system - a state-of-the-art, fully automatic, electronically controlled gearbox from DANA. This system offers 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, integrating a torque amplifier and constant 4-wheel drive. This design ensures seamless and smooth gear shifting, maintaining optimal traction without sacrificing ease of operation.

This powerful combination of an efficient engine and advanced transmission technology ensures that the Hydrema 906G is more than capable of handling the most demanding tasks in military environments, offering both reliability and performance.


The Hydrema 906G's chassis is built for strength and manoeuvrability, with an articulated design and dual hydraulic stabilisers. This ensures optimal balance and control on uneven terrain. The robust, robotically welded steel structure guarantees long durability and minimal maintenance, making the 906G a reliable and efficient partner on the jobsite.


The Hydrema 906G is equipped with heavy-duty axles, designed to ensure durability and optimal performance in all working conditions. These strong hub-reduction axles are built to withstand the stresses and challenges found on construction sites. With an automatic limited slip differential lock in the front axle and a 100% electro-hydraulic differential lock in the rear axle, the 906G guarantees exceptional traction and stability.


The 906G is equipped with a powerful Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine that delivers reliable performance and efficiency. This 4.5-litre turbodiesel engine with Common-Rail technology and electronic variable turbocharger is optimised to deliver maximum power while maintaining low fuel consumption. With features such as DOC, DPF and SCR catalysts that support AdBlue addition, this engine not only ensures strong performance but also reduced emissions, making the 906G an environmentally friendly choice in its class.


The backhoe loader is designed with efficient fuel economy in mind. It is equipped with a large 155 litre fuel tank that integrates seamlessly into the rear chassis and a separate 14 litre AdBlue tank located in the front chassis. This configuration ensures the 906G can operate for longer periods without frequent refills, maximising productivity on jobsites. The advanced engine and optimised hydraulic system work together to reduce overall fuel consumption, making the 906G both economical and environmentally friendly to operate.


To ensure maximum safety and control, the Hydrema 906G is equipped with an advanced braking system. This includes a dual-circuit hydraulic servo system and oil-immersed disc brakes on all wheels, ensuring reliable braking power in a variety of working conditions. The machine's electro-hydraulic "Failsafe" parking brake, which activates the disc brakes on the front axles, provides additional safety. This efficient braking system is a key factor in the 906G's safe handling and reliable performance on the jobsite.


The advanced hydraulic system of the Hydrema 906G plays a key role in its superior performance and functionality. Equipped with an electronically controlled Double Command System, which includes Flow Sharing and Mode Control, this system provides precise and efficient control of the machine's various functions. The even distribution of hydraulic flow ensures an optimal balance between power and efficiency while reducing fuel consumption. With the capacity to generate up to 165 l/min at 2200 rpm and 240 bar pressure, the 906G handles even the most demanding tasks with ease, making it an ideal machine for a wide range of construction projects.


The Hydrema 906G stands out with its advanced transmission, which contributes to the machine's impressive performance and ease of use. This backhoe loader is equipped with a DANA 6/3-speed fully automatic, electronically controlled transmission that ensures smooth and efficient power transfer. With features such as 'Double Kick Down' and torque converter with torque increase, the system offers six forward gears and three reverse gears while maintaining constant 4-wheel drive. This high-tech transmission not only ensures a high level of control and comfort while travelling, but also contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of the machine, making the 906G ideal for a variety of applications and terrain conditions.


The 906G emphasises its agility with an advanced and precise steering system. This system consists of hydrostatic steering with Load Sensing and a +/- 35° articulated steering angle, ensuring exceptional manoeuvrability. The articulated steering system improves stability and control while working, making the 906G ideal for working in both spacious and confined environments.


At the heart of the Hydrema 906G is a reliable electrical system that powers the machine's advanced features. With a standard 24V system and a powerful 70 Amp. generator, this backhoe loader is always ready for action. Two 12V, 95Ah batteries ensure reliable power supply, making the 906G a dependable machine that can tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease. This electrical system is key to the machine's reliability and efficiency and is designed to fulfil the high demands of the construction industry.


The cab of the Hydrema 906G is an oasis of comfort and functionality. It has been carefully designed with the operator's well-being in mind, making long working days a pleasant experience. The cab is equipped with multi-adjustable armrests, a refrigerator and customisable joysticks. The operator also has remote lighting control that adds convenience to work, especially at dusk or at night. This cab is the perfect place for the operator to control the machine with ease and comfort, contributing to increased productivity on the jobsite.


In the Hydrema 906G, the unique Double Command System is an impressive feature that increases the machine's flexibility and ease of use. With this system, both wheel steering and all hydraulic functions can be operated from the two joysticks in the armrests. This means that the operator can manoeuvre the machine with ease, regardless of whether the driver's seat is facing one direction or the other. This feature increases the versatility of the machine and enables tasks to be completed with precision and efficiency, which is essential on a busy construction site.


The excavator on the Hydrema 906G is a powerful and precise component that contributes to the machine's versatility and efficiency on the jobsite. With hydraulic sideshift and an impressive 280-degree working range, this excavator is capable of handling a wide range of tasks with ease and precision. Whether digging, loading or moving materials, the 906G delivers impressive power and performance at both low and high speeds. The Flow Sharing feature ensures a smooth digging cycle and contributes to fuel savings.


The loader on the 906G is an impressive component that combines power, stability and working speed on par with a real wheel loader. With articulated steering with load transfer between the two chassis halves, the loader always follows the direction of travel, ensuring optimal tracking and minimising ground pressure. This loader delivers impressive performance with breakout force and lifting capacity, making it suitable for various tasks on the construction site. The agile loader features automatic parallel guidance and Z-kinematics, making it easy to fill the front shovel in all conditions. With a standard load stabiliser and pivot steering for easy load positioning, the 906G loader is a reliable and efficient partner on the jobsite.


The sound level of the Hydrema 906G is remarkably low and contributes to a comfortable working environment for the operator. Inside the cab, the sound level is measured at only 66/67 dB(A), while outside it is 99/99 dB(A). This quiet design ensures that the operator can work comfortably, even during extended work periods, while minimising noise pollution on the construction site.


The 906G comes standard with an impressive level of features and equipment. In addition to the basic features, it also has a wide range of options for additional equipment that can be customised to individual needs. This allows operators to customise their machine precisely to the specific tasks they face on the jobsite. The machine's modular design means that even extensive options, such as an alternative stabiliser arrangement, can be easily installed.


Total weight w/ standard shovel kg 9200 9400
Width over std. tyres  mm 2310 2310
Track  mm 1800 1800
Wheel base  mm 2555 2555
Turning radius – outer shovel corner   mm 5.700 5.700
Max. width mm 2.380 2.380
Slew angle o 280 280
Approach height, max.   mm 6110 6.200/7.030
Lifting height – level base of bucket   mm 4260 4.240/5.190
Bucket clearance  mm 1290 1270
Excavating depth  mm 4810 4.760/5.960
Reach mm 6130 6,160/7,300
Distance – centre pivot to rear axle   mm 1730 1640
Bucket rotation  o 190 170
Ground clearance – under machine  mm 380 380
Transport height, min. mm 2970 2970
Transport height, normal  mm 4080 4080
Angle of departure  ° 20 20
Sideshift mm 1500 1500
Beakout force, excav. cyl. - max. bucket (ISO 6015)  kN 37,6 37,6
Breakout force, shove. cyl. - max. shovel (ISO 6015)  kN 57,4 57,4
Lifting capacity – max. reach excl. appliances  kg 1450 1450
Stabilisers – supporting width  mm 3800 3800
Stabilisers – max. alignment angle  o 11,5 11,5
Std. shovel volume, max. / with m3/mm 1,4/2.380 1,4/2.380
Lifting height – horizontal shovel  mm 3.445 3.445
Clearance height – tipped shovel  mm 2.880 2.880
Excavating depth – horizontal shovel  mm 180 180
Reach from machine to tipped shovel  mm 660 660
Reach at ground level  mm 1.450 1.450
Emptying angle – max height  o 45 45
Back-tip angle – ground level  o 45 45
Dumping angle – ground level  o 100 100
Height, shovel pivot  mm 3.670 3.670
Lifting capacity – max. height excl. appliances  kg 4.500 4.500
Breakout force – 1.4 m3 shovel (ISO 8313)  kN 73 73

Data specified with std. tyres.

Experience the Power and Precision of the 906G Backhoe Loader for Military Applications

The Hydrema 906G backhoe loader, a culmination of 45 years of machine design innovation, is now optimized for military applications. Powered by a robust Cummins engine and equipped with advanced transmission, it excels in diverse military construction and logistical tasks, proving indispensable for effective operations.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, the 906G features a quiet, ergonomic cab complemented by an intuitive Double Command System for effortless control. Its durability and minimal maintenance requirements ensure long-term dependability and lower ownership costs, crucial in military settings. 
It can also be customised with an amoured cab providing additional protection to operators in hostile or high-risk environments.

Perfectly adapted for various military uses, the 906G combines raw power with precision and economic efficiency, making it an ideal choice for defense contractors who demand the best in both performance and value.

906G 280 Degree Workarea
Hydrema Lines Dark Green

Mastering Complex Terrains with 280° Working Range

The Hydrema 906G backhoe loader, now adapted for military use, distinguishes itself with a flexible excavator that offers an extraordinary combination of power and precision. A key feature is its hydraulic side shift, enabling a remarkable 280° working range. This allows the 906G to access and operate in challenging areas with fewer machine repositions, enhancing time efficiency and operational effectiveness in military environments.

Exceptional in power, the excavator excels at high-performance tasks across various speeds. Its combination of power and efficient braking ensures that operations are not only efficient but also safe. The integrated Flow Sharing technology further smooths the digging cycle while optimizing fuel efficiency.

The boom and digging arm of the 906G are designed for durability and strength. Utilizing high-strength steel with closed profiles, it achieves peak rigidity, making it ideal for heavy lifting and rigorous digging operations essential in military contexts. Additionally, the large plain bearings in all joints, enhanced with a double sealing system, prolong the machine's life and minimize operational costs.

In complex military settings, the 906G's capability to navigate and perform with agility, power, and ease of use makes it an invaluable asset. The Hydrema 906G backhoe loader not only meets the stringent demands of precision and efficiency but also maximizes operational capacity with its advanced side shift function and extensive working range, making it a superior choice for diverse military applications.




The Hydrema 906G's Double Command System represents a revolution in machine operation. This innovative system allows the operator to control both wheel steering and all hydraulic functions directly from two joysticks located in the armrests. This not only increases the manoeuvrability and precision of the machine, but also allows for more intuitive and ergonomic operation. With the ability to use the system in both directions of travel, the Double Command System offers unrivalled flexibility and efficiency, making the 906G one of the most user-friendly and versatile backhoe loaders on the market.



The cab of the Hydrema 906G has been carefully designed to ensure comfort and minimise vibration levels. It has suspension that reduces whole-body vibrations and minimises fatigue. The cab suspension is rubber-mounted for even lower vibration levels, creating a comfortable and noise-free work zone for the operator. This ensures high productivity and comfort, even in demanding working conditions on the construction site.



The Rotortilt feature on the Hydrema 906G is a crucial addition that transforms the machine's versatility and precision capabilities. This feature allows the excavator bucket to rotate and tilt, giving the operator unrivalled control and flexibility for complex digging and loading tasks. With Engcon's rotor tilt, the 906G can easily handle jobs with tight working angles and hard-to-reach areas, significantly increasing efficiency on the jobsite.



The Hydrema 906G is designed with a strong focus on safety, making it a safe choice for construction projects. The machine is equipped with a range of safety features, including a robust ROPS/FOPS approved cab that ensures protection against upheaval and falling objects. It is also equipped with efficient braking and stabilisation systems for increased control and stability, even in demanding working conditions. Good visibility from the cab and intuitive control systems further contribute to operator safety. These safety features, combined with the machine's reliable construction, ensure that the 906G maintains a high standard of safety in the workplace.


The Hydrema 906G is designed with the environment in mind, making it an ideal solution for sustainable construction projects. With its advanced Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine, the 906G is designed to minimise emissions and increase fuel efficiency. This engine supports the use of biodiesel (HVO), providing further opportunities to reduce environmental impact. Furthermore, the machine's efficient operation and optimised fuel consumption contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint. These eco-friendly features, combined with the machine's robust performance, make the 906G an excellent choice for those looking to balance powerful machine performance with environmental responsibility.


The Hydrema 906G is manufactured with an exceptionally robust design that ensures long life and low running costs. It is built with quality materials and advanced engineering, giving it a solid and durable structure that can withstand the toughest working conditions. Its efficient Cummins engine and optimised hydraulic system reduce fuel consumption and maintenance needs, meaning the machine is not only reliable but also economical to operate. This combination of strength, durability and economic efficiency makes the 906G an attractive choice for any business looking to maximise their investment and minimise costs over time.

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