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Backhoe Loader


  • Can be customised with armour cab and to requirements
  • Up to 280° working range
  • Powerful Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine
  • Articulated steering for superior off-road performance
  • User-friendly and great operator comfort

Hydrema 926G Backhoe Loader for Defence Operations

The Hydrema 926G, a leading model in our range of articulated backhoe loaders, is now available with customization options for military applications. Built upon the robust and efficient design of our standard 926G, this machine is equipped with a powerful 147 hp Cummins engine and advanced hydraulics, making it adept at handling a diverse array of tasks, from precise digging to efficient loading.

The 926G can be tailored to meet specific operational requirements, including enhanced armor and specialized attachments. The cabin, designed for operator comfort, can also be modified to suit the unique needs of military personnel, ensuring a productive and comfortable experience even in the most demanding situations.

Unmatched Power and Versatility in the Field

In the impressive 900G series, the Hydrema 926G stands as the pinnacle of power and size, now available for customization to meet the rigorous demands of military operations. This formidable backhoe loader is distinguished by its unique blend of raw strength and adaptability. Equipped with a potent 147 hp Cummins engine, the 926G is engineered to tackle the most challenging tasks with remarkable ease.

A defining feature of the 926G is its innovative side shift on the excavator, offering an expansive working range of up to 280 degrees. This exceptional flexibility enables the machine to operate efficiently in confined spaces where traditional backhoe loaders might falter. Its loader performance is in a league of its own, matching the capabilities of a 10-tonne loader, ensuring that the 926G is an invaluable asset in scenarios where efficiency and versatility are paramount.

Choosing the Hydrema 926G for your defense needs means investing in a machine that not only excels across a broad spectrum of tasks but also enhances operational speed, intelligence, and efficiency. As the most robust and powerful model in the 900G series, the 926G represents the ultimate in modern earthmoving equipment, customized to conquer the unique challenges of military environments.


The Hydrema 926G's chassis is engineered for strength and manoeuvrability. With an articulated, robotically welded design and advanced pendulum rod system, this chassis delivers exceptional traction and track alignment. Whatever the terrain - soft, steep or snowy - the 926G stands strong, ready to tackle any challenge with its robust and reliable foundation.


The 926G is equipped with rigid, fixed axles, reinforced with hub reduction for durability and power. This backhoe loader has an automatic limited slip differential lock on the front axle and a 100% electro-hydraulic differential lock on the rear axle. These features contribute to outstanding stability and control, regardless of the surface, and ensure the 926G delivers consistently high performance even in the most demanding working conditions.


The engine in the Hydrema 926G is a powerful Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine, producing 147 hp with an impressive 600 Nm of torque at 1500 rpm. This advanced engine, equipped with modern technologies such as Common-Rail Turbodiesel and electronic variable turbocharger, ensures high performance with low fuel consumption. The 926G's engine is designed to handle demanding tasks with ease, making it a reliable power source on any construction site.


With the Hydrema 926G's fuel system, long-lasting and efficient operation is ensured. The machine has a spacious 155 litre diesel tank located in the rear chassis and a 14 litre AdBlue tank in the front, enabling long working periods without the need for frequent refuelling. This intelligent placement of the fuel tanks not only contributes to improved weight distribution, but also to higher overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


This backhoe loader is equipped with a highly efficient hydraulic servo system and a dual-circuit braking arrangement that ensures reliable and controlled braking in all conditions. The machine also has oil-immersed disc brakes on all wheels for additional safety and stability. An important safety feature is the electro-hydraulic "Failsafe" parking brake, which automatically activates the wet disc brakes on the front axles. This advanced braking system in the 926G guarantees maximum operator safety and efficient handling on the jobsite.


The hydraulic system in the 926G has been carefully designed to optimise both power and control. With its electronically controlled Double Command and Flow Sharing technology, precise and efficient operation is ensured. The system, equipped with a high-performance pump that delivers up to 220 l/min at 2200 rpm and 240 bar pressure, allows the machine to perform even the most demanding tasks with great precision. This superior hydraulic capacity makes the 926G ideal for a multitude of applications where precise manoeuvring is essential.


The innovative transmission in the Hydrema 926G sets a new standard for agility and power in backhoe loaders. Its ZF WG115, 6-speed fully automatic "ERGO-POWER Soft-Shift" transmission is designed to deliver an effortless driving experience with its advanced, 100% electronic control. This technology ensures smooth gear changes without sacrificing traction, which is essential for precision work in demanding environments. With constant 4-wheel drive and a versatile range of gears, this transmission perfectly balances power and manoeuvrability, making the 926G an indispensable partner on any construction site.


With its advanced steering system, the Hydrema 926G sets a new standard for precision and control. Its articulated design with an articulating pivot point and hydraulic stabilisers ensures that weight is automatically transferred between the wheels for optimal weight distribution and stability. This is complemented by an efficient hydrostatic steering system that utilises Load Sensing and dual-acting cylinders with end brakes to provide an accurate and lightweight response. With an impressive articulated steering angle of +/- 35°, the 926G offers excellent manoeuvrability, which is essential for navigating complex work areas.


The Hydrema 926G is equipped with a robust and reliable electrical system, designed to support the machine's many advanced features. The system includes a standard 24V setup with a powerful 70 Amp. generator and two 12V, 95Ah batteries, ensuring stable and continuous power supply to all the machine's systems.


The cab of the Hydrema 926G is a testament to comfort and functionality, designed to maximise operator productivity and well-being. This spacious ROPS/FOPS approved cab is manufactured with an advanced suspension system that ensures a comfortable and quiet workplace. With adjustable mechanical or air suspension seats, multi-adjustable armrests, and an adjustable steering wheel, the cab offers an ergonomic workspace customised to the individual operator. In addition, the cab is equipped with modern conveniences such as a refrigerator and remote-controlled lights, further enhancing ease of use and comfort during long working days.


The Hydrema 926G's Double Command system revolutionises operator control and flexibility. This innovative system allows control of the machine's hydraulic functions and wheel steering from joysticks located in the armrests, even when the seat is facing the opposite direction of travel. This feature is ideal for precise handling in complex tasks, significantly improving safety and efficiency during operation.


The Hydrema 926G's excavator part combines maximum performance with precision. With a unique side shift and a 280° working range, it offers great flexibility, especially in tight spaces. High power at both low and high speed and strong breakout force make it ideal for complex digging tasks. Flow Sharing technology ensures a smooth digging cycle and fuel efficiency, and its robust construction promises a long lifespan. The addition of an Engcon tiltrotator improves the excavator's flexibility, allowing 360° rotation and tilting, perfect for precise jobs in challenging areas.


The 926G's loader section is an example of power and efficiency. This section is equipped with articulated steering with load transfer between the two chassis halves, ensuring the loader always follows the direction of travel for optimal tracking and minimised ground pressure. This combination gives the loader the performance and breakout force of a large wheel loader, making it ideal for both heavy lifting and precision work. Automatic parallel guidance and load stabiliser improve comfort, especially during road transport, while the compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.


The Hydrema 926G is designed with a focus on low noise levels, which contributes to a better working environment. In the cab, the sound level stays at an impressive 66/67 dB(A), ensuring a comfortable and quiet experience for the operator. Outside, the sound level is limited to 99 dB(A), minimising noise pollution in the work area.


With a comprehensive range of standard equipment, the Hydrema 926G is designed to meet the most demanding working conditions with both efficiency and comfort. This model offers a wide range of customisation options, making it ideal for diverse applications. Equipment ranges from advanced hydraulic systems to ergonomically designed cab features, ensuring both machine performance and operator comfort are top-notch.


Total weight w/ standard shovel kg 9500 9590
Width over std. tyres  mm 2310 2310
Track  mm 1810 1810
Wheel base  mm 2555 2555
Turning radius – outer shovel corner   mm 5.700 5.700
Max. width mm 2.555 2.555
Slew angle o 280 280
Approach height, max.   mm 5940  6.020/6.820
Lifting height – level base of bucket   mm 4100 4.180/4.980
Bucket clearance  mm 1190 1190
Excavating depth  mm 4750 4.750/5.950
Reach mm 6250 6.280/7.420
Distance – centre pivot to rear axle   mm 1725 1725
Bucket rotation  o 190 170
Ground clearance – under machine  mm 410 410
Transport height, min. mm 3090 3090
Transport height, normal  mm 4100 4100
Angle of departure  ° 20 20
Sideshift mm 1600 1600
Beakout force, excav. cyl. - max. bucket (ISO 6015)  kN 38,4 38,4
Breakout force, shove. cyl. - max. shovel (ISO 6015)  kN 58,7 58,7
Lifting capacity – max. reach excl. appliances  kg 1500 1500
Stabilisers – supporting width  mm 3900 3900
Stabilisers – max. alignment angle  o 11,5 11,5
Std. shovel volume, max. / with m3/mm 1,7/2.550 1,7/2.550
Lifting height – horizontal shovel  mm 3,525 3,525
Clearance height – tipped shovel  mm 2.845 2.845
Excavating depth – horizontal shovel  mm 150 150
Reach from machine to tipped shovel  mm 740 740
Reach at ground level  mm 1.510 1.510
Emptying angle – max height  o 45 45
Back-tip angle – ground level  o 45 45
Dumping angle – ground level  o 100 100
Height, shovel pivot  mm 3.750 3.750
Lifting capacity – max. height excl. appliances  kg 5.000 5.000
Breakout force – 1.4 m3 shovel (ISO 8313)  kN 85 85

Data specified with std. tyres.

Hydrema 926G for Defence: Redefining Articulated Backhoe Loader Capabilities

Introducing the Hydrema 926G – a leader in the world of articulated backhoe loaders, now engineered to meet the unique demands of military applications. Boasting a potent 147 hp Cummins engine and an advanced hydraulic system, the 926G is crafted to deliver unmatched power and efficiency under the most challenging conditions.

A standout feature of the 926G is its exceptional 280-degree working range, courtesy of its innovative side shift function. This flexibility makes the 926G adept at a wide array of tasks, from intricate excavation operations to precise loading activities, essential in varied military scenarios.

Every aspect of the 926G has been meticulously designed with longevity, user-friendliness, and safety at its core. The robust, articulated chassis guarantees optimal traction and maneuverability, vital for navigating challenging terrains. The operator's cabin is a model of ergonomic design, prioritizing comfort and ease of use to enhance operational efficiency.

Further augmenting its capabilities, the 926G can be fitted with an Engcon tiltrotator, transforming its excavator section into an even more versatile tool. This addition allows for tasks to be executed with exceptional precision and efficiency, making the Hydrema 926G an indispensable asset in military construction and engineering projects.

906G 280 Degree Workarea
Hydrema Lines Dark Green

Mastering Complexity with Unmatched Range

The Hydrema 926G backhoe loader, adapted for military use, showcases an exceptional excavator that blends high capacity with precision. Its hydraulic sideshift and remarkable 280° working range stand as its key features, allowing it to efficiently reach and operate in various areas without frequent repositioning. This capability is crucial for saving time and enhancing efficiency in complex military environments.

Equipped to deliver high performance at both low and high speeds, the 926G's excavator demonstrates impressive power and breakout force, ensuring tasks are completed efficiently and safely in diverse conditions. The integrated Flow Sharing technology further ensures a smooth digging cycle while optimizing fuel use, a vital aspect in resource-conscious military operations.

The construction of the 926G's boom and digging arm merits attention. Utilizing closed profiles of high-strength steel, the machine achieves peak strength and rigidity, enabling it to handle demanding lifting and digging tasks with ease. Large plain bearings in all joints, complemented by a double sealing system, enhance durability and reduce operational costs.

In the demanding field of military construction, the 926G's ability to navigate and perform in challenging environments, combined with its user-friendly operation and powerful performance, marks it as an indispensable asset. This model not only meets but surpasses the rigorous demands for precision and efficiency, improving work processes with its advanced sideshift function and extensive working range.




The Hydrema 926G takes machine operation to a new level with its Double Command System. This system gives operators unrivalled flexibility and control by allowing control of the machine's wheels and all hydraulic functions from two joysticks in the armrests. With the ability to operate the machine even when the operator's seat is facing the opposite direction of travel, the Double Command System offers unique manoeuvrability and efficiency. This functionality is particularly useful in complex or confined work areas where precision and versatility are key to a successful operation.



The Hydrema 926G's cab stands out with its sophisticated spring-suspended construction. This 4-point system, equipped with four spring units, parallel linkage and roll stabilisers, effectively minimises movement from the axles and chassis, significantly reducing noise levels inside the cab. This advanced suspension is particularly noticeable during fast off-road and on-road driving, where the effect of the 4-point suspension significantly improves comfort.



The addition of a tiltrotator to the Hydrema 926G takes its already impressive capabilities to a new level of versatility and accuracy. With an Engcon tiltrotator, the 926G's excavator arm becomes highly manoeuvrable, able to rotate 360 degrees and tilt, allowing the operator to perform precise tasks from almost any angle. This is a crucial improvement for working in confined or complex areas where conventional digging movements are not sufficient. With this addition, the 926G becomes even more efficient in tasks such as precision excavation, pipe and cable work and landscaping.



This backhoe loader is equipped with a range of safety features that ensure the protection of both the operator and the jobsite. With a ROPS/FOPS approved cab, robust construction and an advanced braking system with electro-hydraulic "Failsafe" parking brake, the 926G offers maximum safety in all operating conditions. In addition, the machine's advanced hydraulic system and precision controls are designed to minimise the risk of errors and unforeseen situations.


The machine is equipped with an advanced Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine that complies with strict emission standards, contributing to a more environmentally friendly workplace. Furthermore, its advanced technologies, such as Flow Sharing and efficient fuel management, optimise fuel consumption, resulting in lower emissions of harmful substances. This combination of powerful performance and reduced environmental impact makes the 926G an ideal choice for projects that prioritise sustainability and environmental awareness.


The Hydrema 926G's hydraulic system is a key factor in its superior performance and efficiency. Equipped with an advanced Load Sensing system and a variable pump that can deliver up to 220 l/min at 2200 rpm and 240 bar pressure, the 926G ensures precise control and powerful performance. This sophisticated hydraulic system is key to the 926G's versatility and enables it to handle a wide range of applications, from precision digging to heavy-duty lifting.

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