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Arctic Dump Truck


  • 20 tonnes load capacity
  • Built for artic weather and harsh conditions
  • Articulated, three-axled and bogies with wide steering angle
  • Superior tractive power
  • Unmatched stability
  • The market’s lowest unladen weight
  • Extremely low fuel consumption


Discover the resilience and robust performance of the 922G ARCTIC dump truck, a machine specifically designed to thrive in the harshest of environments. With the capability to operate effortlessly in temperatures as low as -51°C, the 922G ARCTIC is the ultimate solution for challenging cold-weather operations. This powerhouse is equipped with advanced features to ensure reliable performance and durability, even in the most extreme conditions. Whether it's for military applications, construction, or exploration in frigid climates, the 922G ARCTIC stands as a testament to engineering excellence, ready to conquer the cold and deliver outstanding results.


Discover the remarkable agility and durability with the cutting-edge articulated chassis of the Hydrema 922G Arctic, featuring a pendulum bar and double hydraulic stabilizers centered at the pivot. Expertly crafted from high tensile steel, it’s designed to deliver superior stability and robust performance in even the most demanding conditions. Join us in embracing this fusion of engineering excellence and innovative design, tailored for those who seek reliability and precision in their operations.


The 922G Arctic is equipped with a front rigid axle featuring electronically controlled suspension and level control for unmatched stability. At the rear, experience the robustness of a heavy-duty bogie axle, complete with a reduction gear at the differential. This innovative design ensures optimal control and endurance, even in the most challenging environments. Embrace the power and precision that the 922G Arctic brings to every mission.


Step into the world of high-performance with the 922G Arctic, powered by the formidable Cummins QSB 24-valve, 6.7 litre, 6-cylinder Stage 3a engine. Enhanced with turbo and intercooler, it boasts an impressive 194 kW/264 hp at 2200 rpm, ensuring robust power and unmatched efficiency. Get ready to conquer challenging terrains with the 922G Arctic, where power meets precision.


Elevate your confidence in the toughest conditions with the 922G Arctic's advanced braking system. It features a full dual-circuit setup with oil-immersed disc brakes on all six wheels, ensuring responsive and reliable stopping power. Benefit from the added security of a Fail-Safe parking brake, along with the enhanced control provided by the retarder exhaust brake and hydraulic retarder. Plus, enjoy the convenience of an automatically controlled exhaust brake, designed for effortless operation. The 922G Arctic is built to keep you safe and in control, no matter the challenge.


Get ready to experience the smooth, responsive handling of the 922G Arctic, equipped with the ZF ERGOPOWER 6 WG 210 automatic transmission. This advanced system boasts six forward gears and three reverse gears, providing you with the flexibility and power to navigate through any challenge with ease. Whether moving forward or reversing, the 922G Arctic ensures a driving experience that is both effortless and efficient. Gear up for a journey where precision meets performance.


Experience the epitome of comfort and control with the 922G Arctic's servo-activated hydrostatic steering. Designed for effortless navigation, it offers a smooth, responsive experience that makes maneuvering through any terrain a breeze. Embrace the ease and precision of steering with the 922G Arctic, where comfort meets unmatched handling.


Tyres 800/45-30.5
Total width mm 3240
Total height mm 4230
Wheel base, bogie mm 1636
Wheel base mm 5367
Total length mm 10932
Overhang, front mm 2380
Turning radius, outer m 11,6
Fuel tank L 320
Hydraulic tank L 200

Introducing the 922G ARCTIC Dump Truck: Engineered for Extreme Cold

The Hydrema 922G Arctic is a robust dump truck designed to excel in the most demanding environments, particularly in extreme cold conditions as low as -51°C. Here are some of its standout features:

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  • Advanced Climate Adaptability: Specifically engineered for operation in severe cold, the 922G Arctic features enhanced insulation, a powerful heating system, and materials designed to withstand low temperatures without compromising performance.

  • Powerful Cummins Engine: Equipped with a Cummins B 6.7 liters 6-cylinder Stage 5 engine, the 922G Arctic delivers impressive power (231 kW / 314 hp at 2200 rpm) while adhering to strict emission standards and maintaining fuel efficiency.

  • Sophisticated Transmission System: The truck boasts a ZF ERGOPOWER 6 WG 210 automatic transmission with six forward gears and three reverse gears, ensuring smooth, responsive handling across varied terrains.

  • Exceptional Maneuverability: Its servo-activated hydrostatic steering system offers precise control, making it easy to navigate through challenging terrains and tight spaces.

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  • Robust Design for Rough Terrain: The 922G Arctic’s design features low ground pressure, minimizing soil impact and enhancing stability, which is crucial for operations in sensitive or rugged terrains.

  • State-of-the-Art Safety Features: The dump truck includes advanced safety features such as a comprehensive camera system and 360-degree surveillance for increased situational awareness and operator safety.

  • Customization Options: The 922G Arctic offers a range of customization options to suit various operational needs, from water tanks and lime spreaders to specialized attachments for forestry and container handling.

  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed with operator comfort in mind, the cab features ergonomic controls and an environment conducive to productivity during extended operations.


The 922G Arctic is more than just a dump truck; it’s a versatile, reliable workhorse designed to tackle the toughest tasks in the harshest conditions, ensuring operational continuity and efficiency.

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