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Dump Truck


  • Can be customised with armour cab and to requirements
  • 20 tonnes load capacity
  • Articulated and with three axels
  • Cummins B6.7 Stage V with 314 hp
  • High quality and longevity
  • Best power-to-weight ratio on the market

922G: Supreme Mobility and Traction for Military Operations

Engineered for military efficiency, the Hydrema 922G stands out with its exceptional traction and advanced maneuverability. As a nimble and robust dumper, it serves as an invaluable asset in military environments, delivering unparalleled performance across diverse terrains. Opt for the 922G when facing challenging military tasks requiring a dump truck that combines ease of handling with pinpoint accuracy. The Hydrema 922G is the epitome of traction and agility, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of military hauling.

Optimal Power and Efficiency with the Hydrema 922G

The engine at the core of the Hydrema 922G is a testament to strength and efficiency, redefined for military applications. Outfitted with a Cummins B 6.7 liters 6-cylinder Stage 5 engine, it provides a robust output of 231 kW / 314 hp at 2200 rpm. Incorporating DOC, DPF, and SCR catalyst with AdBlue addition, this engine not only meets stringent emission standards but also excels in fuel efficiency, essential for military operations.

The hydrostatic transmission of the 922G ensures smooth and accurate maneuverability in diverse military environments. Its servo-activated hydrostatic steering affords the operator unparalleled control, and the separate variable pump for steering achieves a maximum angle of +/- 38°. Coupled with the ZF ERGOPOWER 6 WG-210 automated transmission, offering 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, the 922G adeptly adapts to varying operational demands.

This synergy of a powerful engine and hydrostatic transmission positions the Hydrema 922G as a vital asset in military construction and logistics, where robustness and efficiency unite to yield exceptional performance.


The Hydrema 922G's chassis is at the heart of this dump truck, combining stability and precision to perfection. With an articulated chassis, +/- 12° oscillation angle, and double hydraulic stabiliser, it delivers exceptional stability. Constructed from high-strength steel with electro-hydraulic suspension and heavy-duty bogie axle, it's designed to tackle even the most challenging terrain. This chassis guarantees world-class reliability and performance.


The 922G's axles are the foundation of its impressive performance. The front axle is equipped with electro-hydraulic suspension and individual levelling, while the rear axle is a heavy-duty bogie axle with reduction gears in the hubs. This combination of technology and construction gives the 922G the stability and flexibility needed to tackle even the most challenging terrain, making it a reliable and versatile partner on any jobsite.


The Hydrema 922G's engine is at the heart of its power and performance. With an impressive Cummins B 6.7 litre 6-cylinder Stage 5 engine, it delivers a maximum power output of 231 kW/314 hp at 2200 rpm and a maximum torque of 1288 Nm at 1500 rpm. Equipped with DOC, DPF and SCR catalytic converter with AdBlue addition, it fulfils the strictest emission requirements while being fuel efficient.


The Hydrema 922G's fuel system has been carefully designed to ensure optimal efficiency and operation. With an impressive fuel capacity of 300 litres for diesel and 31 litres for AdBlue, both tanks are integrated into the front chassis for easy access and ease of use.


This dump truck’s braking and retarder system is tailored to deliver reliable and safe stopping power, no matter the working conditions. With a full 2-circuit braking solution and oil-immersed disc brakes on all 6 wheels, effective braking is ensured, and a fail-safe handbrake on the front axle adds extra safety. The retarder, which combines the engine brake and the hydraulic retarder, is manually operated and has a maximum retarder output of 300 kW/405 hp. This system gives the operator the necessary control and ensures that the Hydrema 922G can handle even the most challenging terrains and tasks with maximum safety and performance.


The system includes 5 hydraulic pumps that work together to power different machine functions.
Pump 1: 31 l/min constant pump for brake, stabiliser, differential lock and suspension.
Pump 2: 189 l/min variable pump: for articulated steering.
Pump 3: 195 l/min constant pump for tipping and retarder.
Pump 4: 195 l/min constant pump for extra retarder performance.
Pump 5: 64 l/min constant pump for emergency steering (wheel drive).


The Hydrema 922G is equipped with an impressive ZF ERGOPOWER 6 WG-210 automatic transmission with 6 forward and 3 reverse gears. This transmission is not only powerful, but also intelligent. It features 100% lock-up in all gears. And with both automatic and manual shifting options, you can customise your driving experience as needed. When it comes to speed, the 922G has a maximum speed of 50 km/h forward and 31 km/h in reverse. And with a maximum tractive effort of 223 kN, this dumper is ready to handle even the most demanding tasks with confidence.


The 922G is made for smooth manoeuvring on the jobsite, and steering plays a key role in this performance. With a servo-activated hydrostatic steering and a separate variable pump for the steering function, the operator has precise control of the machine. This allows a maximum steering angle of +/- 38° to be achieved, ensuring the 922G can navigate smoothly in even the most challenging environments.


The 922G is equipped with a reliable electrical system that ensures the machine always performs optimally, no matter the working conditions. This system is based on a standard 24V electrical system powered by a powerful 70 Amp. generator. To ensure continuous power supply, there are two 12V batteries with a capacity of 100Ah each.


The dump truck body is built to handle the most challenging tasks. Made from durable Hardox 450 high-strength steel and equipped with double-acting tipping cylinders, it can quickly tip materials at an impressive 70° angle. With fast tipping times of 7.5 seconds up and 5.5 seconds down, this dump truck makes it easy to transport materials efficiently on the jobsite.


The Hydrema 922G series offers versatility like never before with the MultiChassis versions. On the 922G, MultiChassis is available with both short and long wheelbase, opening the door to a wide range of customised solutions. This means you can get MultiChassis SWB (Short Wheel Base) or MultiChassis LWB (Long Wheel Base).
Whether you need to mount a water tank, a lime spreader, forestry equipment, a hook-lift for container handling or even a flatbed for transporting tools, wood or heavy machinery, MultiChassis gives you the freedom to customise your 922G to your unique needs.


The 922G cab is designed with operator comfort and productivity in mind. The spacious ROPS / FOPS operators cab features an air-sprung seat with ventilation and longitudinal damping, ensuring operator wellbeing during long working days. With a fully adjustable steering wheel and an intuitive multi joystick for operation, the 922G's cab is the ideal place to control the machine.


With a noise level of only 73 dB(A) inside the operator cab and 106 dB(A) outside the cab, the Hydrema 922G is a machine that provides the operator with a comfortable working environment. Low noise means less fatigue and increased concentration, which is crucial for productivity on the construction site. With the 922G you can work efficiently and comfortably, even in noisy environments.


The 922G offers reliable safety with technical features that provide operator and workplace peace of mind. With a tipping alarm that indicates unsafe tipping, a rear view camera for better visibility, ISO 5006 requirements and a brake overheat alarm, the 922G is designed to minimise the risk of accidents and ensure a safe working experience.


Chassis   STD MultiChass. SHORT WB MultiChass.  LONG WB
Std. tyres   600/60x30.5
Total weight Kg 35900 35500 35700
Unladen weight Kg 15900 13500 13700
Load capacity Kg 20000 22000 22000
Total width mm 2930 2930 2930
Clearance mm 480 480 480
Dump truck body width mm 2750  -   -
Total height mm 3490 3490 3490
Transport height mm 3440 3440 3440
Loading height mm 2690  -   - 
Height with raised body mm 6340  -   - 
Tipping clearance mm 820  -   - 
Overhang, rear mm 1415 1244 762
Wheel base, bogie mm 1636 1636 1636
Length mm 9170 8995 10175
Approach angle, front ° 26 26 26
Approach angle, rear ° 68  -   - 
Tipping angle ° 70  -   - 
Wheel base mm 3720 3720 5370
Overhang, front mm 2400 2400 2400
Body capacity, levelled m3 9.2  -   - 
Body capacity, heaped m3 12  -   - 
Tipping time, raise Sec. 7.5  -   - 
Tipping time, lower Sec. 5.5  -   - 
Turning radius, outer m 8.37 8.37 11.07
Ground pressure (loaded) kPa 131 131 131

922G for Defence: Setting New Standards in Military Earthmoving

The Hydrema 922G, specifically adapted for military applications, delivers an array of features positioning it as a top-tier choice in earthmoving machinery. A standout characteristic of the 922G is its remarkably low ground pressure, allowing for versatile operation across various terrains without soil damage — a crucial advantage in sensitive military environments.

The defining attribute of the 922G is its unparalleled power-to-weight ratio, enabling high efficiency and fuel economy without compromising on performance. This balance makes the dump truck not only highly efficient but also user-friendly and straightforward to operate. Prioritizing operator comfort and safety, the 922G ensures productive operations even during extended military tasks.

As a 20-tonne dumper truck, the 922G is synonymous with durability and quality construction, leading to extended service life and consistent performance. This makes the 922G an excellent asset not just for military tasks requiring dependable equipment but also for rental purposes, offering a flexible solution for various contractual needs within the defence sector.

Explore the Versatile 922G from Hydrema for Defence Applications

Embrace the limitless potential of the Hydrema 922G , specially adapted for military needs. Customization is at the forefront of our 20-tonne dump trucks, which are designed for operation on public roads and come in three distinct versions with speeds of 30, 40, or 50 km/h, catering to various military logistics requirements.

Our MultiChassis versions provide a gateway to bespoke configurations. From water tanks and lime spreaders to forestry attachments, hooklifts for container handling, or even flatbeds for transporting tools, wood, or heavy machinery - the possibilities are extensive and tailored to your military needs.

No matter the requirement, Hydrema stands ready to deliver the perfect solution for your military operations, combining flexibility, capability, and innovation in every model.


Hydrema's 922G offers not only a standard version with a dumper body, but also two exciting MultiChassis variants: MultiChassis SWB (Short Wheel Base) and MultiChassis LWB (Long Wheel Base). These innovative MultiChassis solutions allow you to customise your 922G for the exact task at hand.

With MultiChassis, you get a versatile platform for mounting a wide range of specialised solutions. Need to water roads or work areas? Then install a water tank. Need to spread lime or fertiliser on fields? This is also possible with the right customisation. For forestry or container handling, you can add a hooklift to make it easier to handle materials.

922G Swbandlwb Website




Hydrema's 922G impresses not only with its versatility and performance, but also with its upgraded retarder system that takes safety and braking performance to the next level. This upgraded retarder system is equipped with no less than 5 hydraulic pumps, ensuring that all functions of the 922G work independently with minimal energy loss.

The retarder system combines a powerful engine brake and a hydraulic retarder and is intuitively operated via a "retarder joystick" located in the right armrest. This advanced system significantly reduces the load on the service brake, especially when travelling down slopes and hills. This not only increases safety, but also extends the service life of the brakes.

As an added safety feature, the 922G also introduces a new brake indicator system, called the "brake care system." This system is designed to monitor the brakes and alert the driver if there is a risk of overheating.



One of the key factors in the efficiency and reliability of any machine is easy access to service and maintenance. Hydrema's 922G has taken this principle to heart and offers an unrivalled service experience.

With a simple push of a button in the cab, you can open the hood for full access to the engine and various filters. The large hood opening makes it quick and safe to perform daily service checks and maintenance. This means you can optimise the performance of your machine without unnecessary delays or hassle.

Maintenance is essential for a long lifespan and prevents unexpected breakdowns. To ensure proper lubrication and minimal maintenance, there is even the option to add an optional automated central lubrication system. This system delivers the exact amount of lubricant to the different lubrication points and optimises lubrication intervals, making maintenance even more hassle-free.




The cab of the 922G offers premium comfort and safety. It has a spacious, easy-to-clean interior with two illuminated doors for safe access. The air-suspended and ventilated seat with integrated multi-joystick gives the driver comfort and control. The seat is multi-directionally adjustable and features both longitudinal damping and ventilation to maintain driver wellbeing. The operators cab is ROPS/FOPS certified with heavy-duty viscous suspension for less vibration.

The driver has easy access to all functions thanks to the ergonomic positioning, and the instrument display with data storage provides important information. An efficient air conditioning system, storage box and 12 V/24 V socket are standard. The computerised instrument display with data storage provides access to important information. The multi-joystick controls key functions with ease and efficiency, giving the driver full control with one hand. The 922G Series cab is not just a workplace; it's a comfortable and productive environment that helps maximise performance on any jobsite.



Safety is paramount on the 922G and the machine is equipped with advanced safety features that protect both the operator and the working environment.

One of these features is "Hoist Assistance," which effectively warns of unsafe tipping and helps prevent accidents and injuries. In addition, safety features also include a rear view camera that improves visibility behind the machine and meets ISO 5006 requirements for safe manoeuvring.

To prevent brake problems and ensure optimal braking performance, the Hydrema 922G introduces a brake indicator alarm that alerts the operator to the risk of brake overheating.

These advanced safety measures confirm Hydrema's commitment to providing a safe working machine that meets the highest standards of protection and performance.



On the 922G, we have improved the tipping cycle to maximise efficiency. Our goal has been to make tipping fast and precise. The advanced 5-pump hydraulic system ensures that steering and tipping is done quickly and accurately. Separate pumps enable independent steering and tipping functions, meaning the dump truck can be positioned simultaneously with the tipping process.

The powerful tipping cylinders are well-protected and raise the load quickly thanks to their short stroke length, increasing productivity. The electronic power steering of the multi-joystick makes tipping smooth with soft starts and stops, and the auto-body-return system now includes automatic load lifting for more efficient tipping.

To improve safety, a tilt indicator in the instrument display (hoist-assist) alerts the driver with an alarm if tipping is unsafe. This contributes to safety and confidence while working.

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